Indie Music Producer, Artist, Reporter, Imagineer

I started "tracking" on a Commodore 64/Amiga in the late 80s and later DJ'd clubs and parties from 2001-2003 in Hawaii.

I now produce my own original electronica, trance, breaks and more.  I'm not looking to make the Billboard Top 100 or get nominated for a Grammy.  I make music because I enjoy it.  It's a way of expressing my emotions and myself.  Many of my songs are memories from my life, both good and bad.  When my father died, I produced a number of songs that were in essence a tribute to him.

Unless otherwise denoted as a mix/remix/etc. all of my songs are 100% original creations.

I'm a big fan of electronica, VG music/chiptunes, trance, industrial and breaks.

This isn't my day job.  It's more of a passion and personal interest.  I work as a TV/Radio/Print reporter and producer.

I'm currently working on a few projects and project an actual album release sometime...well...before the world ends.  I've got a few albums I've been working on for years now.  I'm not in a rush to push anything out so...I make a track or two and I'll add those to an album...or not.  That said, I'm getting close to completing "In Memory of...", which is a tribute to my father and two yet un-named albums.

You can find more about me and listen to my music on Soundcloud, Youtube and Facebook.